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Writing Prompts

Prompts! :D

Writing Prompt ~ The Sound Of . . .



Write about your favorite season in term of sounds.

I love to read descriptions of the seasons–because they can evoke so many emotions.  Memories.
It’s so easy to do that in terms of sights or smell, but sounds?  How similar are the sounds of the seasons?  What’s something unique to a season?

My favorite season is autumn and the sound of it is one of my favorite parts.  The crunchy leaves…it rains quite a bit here during those months, too, and that’s another thing I’m ridiculously fond of.  (See my “pluviophile” post!)

Nature is full of sounds no matter the time of year!  What’s your favorite season and what does it sound like to you?



Writing Prompt ~ Create a character who . . .



Characters are, quite obviously, something very near and dear to my heart.
Villains are always an amazingly fun thing to experiment with.

Perhaps my favorite kind of baddie is the sort that isn’t, really, bad.  Or, rather, their badness has stemmed from something that is, at its core, good–it’s just been taken to such an extreme that it is no longer good.
A prime example of this is Javert in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables; really, he just wants justice.  It is this hatred of forgiveness that is his demise….  But I feel that it makes for such an interesting character–a baddie that you can identify with more than others, perhaps. 

Do you have a favorite villain?  Who is it and why?


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