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I Kinda Love Creepypastas

As someone who has reviewed Stephen King books on this site before and plans on reading more of his books this year, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, dear follower, that I enjoy being somewhat creeped out.
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Read-a-Thon –You’re invited!

Good afternoon, dear followers!  I am so excited to be announcing that my friend over at Caught Between The Pages and I are going to be hosting a read-a-thon (my first to participate in as well as to host!) January 13-17!

What is a read-a-thon?

Read-a-thon Instagram.pngWell, it’s a bookworm’s marathon–and, unlike a real marathon, sounds pretty much like heaven!  Those five days, you’ll be doing something you probably do often enough anyway–spend all of your free time reading!  
In addition to reading, I’m going to commit to posting here, as well as sharing on my social-media sites (Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook), my daily page count.

But there aren’t really any rules to this; it’s just for fun!  But I would love it if you shared your page count, too!  🙂

My plan for those five days is to read the rest of the Lunar Chronicles, even though, as of now, I’ve only finished Cinder
It’s something of a tentative plan, as I already know I’m going to be busy those days, but that’s alright!  I’ll finish what I get finished!
(And, just so you’re aware, you can read whatever you’d like!)
Oh, I’m super excited!!

How about you?  Does this sound like something you’d like to participate in?  If so, comment!  Or tweet at me (@loquaciousRae)–you can just use the handy little guy on the sidebar over there —>
You can also post on my Facebook page!  🙂
Like I said before, if you want to share your page count, that would be awesome!  But the most important thing to do is read!  And read…and read a bit more!

If you’d like to join in and share your progress throughout the long weekend, please click on the link below. It’ll take you to a linky page where you can add in the info to link to your own blog (though of course you don’t need one to join!) so we can all visit and see what you’ll be reading.

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I can’t wait!  Hope to see you then!  🙂


Happy New Year! (+ resolutions & tease at A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!)

What a good year 2015 was!  Full of new and exciting things for me, and old but always wonderful things; life is always full of changes, but I welcome those and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

Here are some of the things I want to do in 2016; all related to reading, writing, or blog-ish things!  I’m going to take this blog seriously this year–not that I didn’t last year–and I might need some help.  Book suggestions are always welcome, encouraging comments, new followers….


I have a list of books TBR-in-2016 on Goodreads  and so far it only has 13 of those 50 books on it!  Of course I’ll be adding more–I have more in my to-read list–but if you have any suggestions, I’ll take ’em!

I’m so looking forward to reading oodles of pages, writing more, and posting here and on my other social media just about all the time!
My Instagram (theloquaciousbibliophile) is starting to grow at a rather encouraging rate!  Daily pictures of the books I’m reading, or quotes about books, or something book related!  Any advice on how to take some really good book pictures?

All of these things require having good time management!  Something I don’t really excel at…but should by the end of the year!
Will you help me keep these resolutions for, y’know, more than a week?
What are some of your resolutions and how can I help?

Happy New Year, dear followers!




P.S.  My super sweet friend Kayla and I (she writes the splendid blog Caught Between the Pages and is part of what inspired me to start this one!) are going to be hosting something pretty awesome on our blogs the 13th-17th of January!  If you like to binge-read….
More on this soon!  I’ve been posting about it on my social media already!  

Writing Prompt ~ Create a character who . . .



Characters are, quite obviously, something very near and dear to my heart.
Villains are always an amazingly fun thing to experiment with.

Perhaps my favorite kind of baddie is the sort that isn’t, really, bad.  Or, rather, their badness has stemmed from something that is, at its core, good–it’s just been taken to such an extreme that it is no longer good.
A prime example of this is Javert in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables; really, he just wants justice.  It is this hatred of forgiveness that is his demise….  But I feel that it makes for such an interesting character–a baddie that you can identify with more than others, perhaps. 

Do you have a favorite villain?  Who is it and why?


Mannheim Steamroller

Mannheim Steamroller is an old band, founded in 1974 by (record producer and composer) Chip Davis.  And in case you’re wondering, the name comes from an 18th-century musical technique originating in Germany called Mannheim roller (or, in German: Mannheimer Walze); it’s a crescendo passage having a rising melodic line over an ostinato (derived from Italian, it means stubborn and is a (musical) phrase that repeats itself in the same musical voice, usually at the same pitch) bass line.
I know I’ve always wondered about this…and thanks to Wikipedia, I now understand!
Chip Davis (who had done a few things prior to this) collaborated with two friends and did an album of classical music played entirely with electric basses and synthesizers; quite obviously, this album had a very unique sound to it.
But, alas, there was no record label willing to distribute this album!  So what did Chip Davis do?  Created his own music label!  American Gramaphone (which is a play on another record label) was founded and with this Chip Davis released the album Fresh Aire under the pseudonym Mannheim Steamroller.  By the way, you should check it out!!  It’s different, but in a splendid way!
Other albums were to follow in a series of albums; the first four of which were meant to represent the four seasons!
Keyboardist Jackson Berkey and Chip Davis played whatever instruments they felt would sound best for the twists on classical music (mixed with some jazz and rock) they were recording; some songs featuring a toy piano while another would use a pipe organ, often combined with piano and harpsichords.  Fresh Aire Interludes (1981) featured all of Berkey’s ten piano interludes from the first four Fresh Aire albums.  In all, there are eight Fresh Aire albums; the later four exploring different themes; the fifth album is subtitled “To the Moon,” the sixth peeks at Greek mythology, the seventh is based the number seven, and the eighth is based on the theme of infinity.

Quite the beginning to a band!  It wasn’t until 1984, however, that Mannheim Steamroller became more well known.  They had just released their first of many Christmas albums, this one entitled Mannheim Steamroller Christmas; some of the others to follow were Fresh Aire Christmas (1988) and Christmas in the Aire (1995).
A light jazz series was started in 1991 (through 1998) called Chip Davis, Day Parts; with each album having its own subtitle.  I have one of these on my computer and listen to it often!  🙂

They have an album of Disney music, too!  It was released in 1999 and is called Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mousewonderful takes on classic Disney songs!  🙂

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve had their album Halloween playing in the background.  This two-disc album was released in 2003 and I honestly can’t remember an autumn season that I’ve not listened to it!  It’s not their only Halloween album, either; if you include the compilation album, they have four of them.
This album is fantastic!  It feels very creative, but still sounds very Halloween like; not exactly worthy of chills, (it’s too lighthearted for that) but still a good representative of the holiday.

Currently, the Fresh Aire albums are some of my favorites!  I usually listen to the first four of them, but not for any real reason–just because they’re the first few that come up when I search it on Youtube!  😀  I’ve been contemplating treating myself to the vinyl (*gasp*!!) albums, or perhaps just the digital downloads…I listen to them that much!

There are many, many more albums that they’ve done– I’ve only listened to a handful of them!  They’re all unique, but that’s the way I like my music.  🙂


4 of the Best Albums to Listen to While Writing

4bestalbums…in my opinion, at least.

Background music is a very important thing for me when I’m writing; I don’t know that it necessarily influences my writing, but it does keep the rest of the real world at bay, allowing me to better immerse myself in the one I’ve created.  I do try to match the music I’m listening to to the type of scene I’m writing, or the genre, but that’s not always the case.
I plan on another list devoted to good Pandora stations to turn on while writing!  🙂

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my list!  Let me know what you like to listen to while you write and if this inspired you to check out any of these albums!  There are links provided here, too, that will take you to Youtube videos!

Anything Mannheim Steamroller…but specifically the Fresh Aire albums:
Learn more about Mannheim Steamroller by reading my blog post linked to above!
I have recently fallen in love with the Fresh Aire albums; they’re my go-to albums for when I need background music for anything.  It’s about the time of year where I could turn on their Halloween album, too, which is always a lovely thing!
I will confess that I’ve not listened to all of the Fresh Aire albums (there are eight of them), but there’s no real reason behind that.
Some of my favorite tracks from those albums are the Interlude tracks (ten in total); a handful of which feature elements of nature such as rain, a thing that I find very inspiring and relaxing.  Interlude I might be my favorite, but it’s so difficult to choose!
A few others are Amber, Mere Image, The Cricket, and Velvet Tear.
The sounds of the individual tracks can take a bit of a turn from one to the next, but the first four Fresh Aire albums are each inspired by one of the four seasons.  Some songs are much more upbeat than others and I adore them all for their individuality and unconventional “instruments”.

The Lord of the Rings Soundtracks:
Need I say any more?
I prefer the ones from the LOTR trilogy to The Hobbit (grr) trilogy.  The range of emotion in these songs (it is a soundtrack, after all) is wonderful and keeps things from getting boring.
These soundtracks are all completely beautiful and I don’t think they’ll ever get old!
Not only are the original recordings fantastic, there are some amazing covers out there!  I’m quite the fan of Peter Hollen’s Into The West cover, for example.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Beethoven’s Last Night:
This is the only album on this list featuring lyrics.
We all know that Beethoven went a little bit crazy, but TSO took that concept and turned it into an album!
Obviously a very intense subject and, as a result, the tracks of this album are the same way–some more than others.
One of my favorites is Misery!

Yanni’s In My Time:
If New Age-y piano songs are in any way your thing, I’d suggest checking out this album!
I used to listen to it to fall asleep to when I was little; at least a decade later, I’ve been known to listen to it every now and then when I’m writing.  Usually only if I don’t want anything specific on but still need the noise.
All of these songs have a similar vibe, and I enjoy all of them.  The one standing out to me at the moment is Until The Last Moment.


“I’m so glad…”

I can’t think of a better way to describe my joy of this month and the lovely autumn season finally being here than with this quote!
Enjoy the picture I made to share!  Share it if you feel so inclined!!  🙂
I'm so glad



Disney Princess Book Tag!!!!

Well, this promises to be stupendous!!  XD  Disney is one of my favorite things…ever!!  And this entire blog is devoted to books, so…yay!!!!

Before I get ahead of myself, I should say that I was tagged by my wonderful friend Kayla over at Caught Between the Pages!  Go check out her blog if YA fiction is something you enjoy…or just because she’s awesome and totally deserves more views!

Snow White ~  Name your favorite classic:

I read an awful lot of classics, so this isn’t an easy choice for me; but my gut feeling is A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens.  He’s one of my favorite authors (yes, I realize how nerdy that is!) and I enjoy all I’ve read by him, but this book….  It takes place during the French Revolution, a part of history that I happen to find quite interesting–it at least makes a good setting for a story.  An awful lot of needless violence is obviously a main part of the story, with the main characters being deeply affected by it.
This isn’t a feel-good book, or in any way light-hearted, but it is sooo good.  (I cried, but I loved it!)

Cinderella ~ Name a book that kept you reading past your bedtime

This book is one of the few that I have re-read!  🙂  For the most part, it takes place in a year long passed, occasionally bringing us back to what is the present of the main character, Paul Edgecombe.  He worked on Death Row, where all sorts of craziness is bound to happen.  (Because of the tiling on the floor, it was affectionately referred to as The Green Mile.)  The particular craziness of this (serially published–very smart!) novel is centered around one giant of a man named John Coffey, a man accused of the rape and murder of two young girls.  But there’s much more to this man than meets the eye.
There’s a supernatural/fantasy element to this book that I enjoy.  Once again, it made me cry, but I loved it enough to come back to it.
The movie is great, too!

Aurora ~ Name your favorite classic romance:

(I’m not copying you, Kayla–I just agree!)
I read this book for school, but it was a book I wanted to read at some point anyway.  It’s very well-written and witty and features some splendid characters.  I remember it being somewhat slow to start out with, but I got to one point and couldn’t stop reading.  Be careful who you fall for when reading this; you might be surprised with who they turn out to be.  🙂

Ariel ~ Name a book that’s about sacrifices and fighting for your dreams:  

Oh, there are millions of things I could say about this book.  I am such a huge fan of it–we did a unit study entirely based on this book for school, and I loved it!  As we all know, Frodo has to take the One Ring to Mordor to destroy it; he does this mostly for the sake of his beloved Shire and the people of Middle Earth.  There are so many characters that make tremendous sacrifices from the very beginning of this book.
The movies, obviously, are good as well–but they don’t really compare to this splendid, lovingly-written masterpiece by the exceedingly smart and imaginative J.R.R Tolkien.

Belle ~ Name a book with a smart, independent female character:

Could there be any other answer for this?  All of the March girls are smart and independent, but in their own wonderful, unique ways  🙂  I love Beth and Jo….  (Also, how cute is this book cover?!  It was so adorable that I bought the book, despite the fact that I could just read it for free from my Kindle.)
If you ever get the chance to go to Louisa May Alcott’s home, you should!

Jasmine ~ Name a book whose character challenges the social conventions of their world:

Anne is quirky and definitely not like the other girls she meets.  She really does challenge Matthew and Marilla, but they love her.  The movie is great; and this book cover was cute enough that, yes, I bought this one, too!  😀 ❤

Pocahontas ~ Name a book whose ending was a roller coaster of emotions:

Isn’t this entire book a roller coaster of emotions?

Like I mentioned before, the French Revolution is a major theme in this book; as is the idea of forgiveness.
The only advice I have for anyone wanting to read this book, watch the movie, or see it on stage…don’t get attached.  Well, try not to; you will anyway, and it will break your heart.

Mulan ~ Name a book featuring war or battles:

Finally, a modern book!!  It doesn’t need much explanation, either; who hasn’t heard of the books–or at least seen the movies?

Tiana ~ Name a book featuring a hardworking, self-made character:

I told you I love Charles Dickens, right?
Pip started out living with his sister and her husband (aptly named) Joe, a blacksmith.  His life is rough, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

(Here’s a lovely video of the attractive Dan Stevens reading a part of it!

Rapunzel ~ Name a book featuring an artist:

Okay, so, not an artist in the traditional artsy, painting like Rapunzel does sort of artist, but definitely an artist.  The main character, Paul Sheldon, is a writer.  Through a terrible accident, he meets his number one fan…who also happens to be a psychopath.  Don’t make fangirls angry….
This movie is good as well!

Merida ~ Name a book with a mother-daughter relationship:

It’s harder to come up with books with mother-daughter relationships in them!!  At least, out of the books I’ve read….  Even when they have them, they aren’t often too great.  I’ve noticed this is also a trend for Disney movies.  Interesting.  🙂

Anyway, this series by Laura Ingalls Wilder is one that I grew up on.  🙂 (As well as the TV show, despite all of the liberties it took.)  Sometimes I wish we lived in such simple times…but I am quite fond of modern conveniences.

Once again, if you ever have the chance to go to her home, do yourself the favor!  I was little at the time, but even now I’m only 5’3″, so I can appreciate the low counters in the kitchen and the like.  XD


If you want to do this (it was great fun!) go for it–consider yourself tagged!  🙂


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