September’s Book(ish) Box came a few weeks ago (or at least it seems that way) and I know of at least one person dying to know what was inside!

As I’ve said before, these posts aren’t sponsored, but I’m in love with these boxes!  (If there’s a bookworm in your life who needs a gift, I would highly recommend looking at the multitude of book subscription boxes out there!)

So!  A literary ladies theme . . .


First of all, this shirt is amazing!  I love me some Harry Potter and Hermione’s hair . . . I can relate.  XD

“Don’t tell me what to do, Harry Potter!”


No, really, this hair . . . I’m laughing or else I’d cry.  Truth . . . XD




And then there’s these super lovely earrings from J&CO Jewelry that, at least in the context of this box, are also Harry Potter themed.  The paper in the box says “LeviosA Earrings” and that made me smile.



If you love The Hunger Games, then I’m sure you’ll know which character this cute pen holder arrow from NoniesCustomCreations represents!  (Even if Hunger Games isn’t your thing, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you can figure it out!  XD)


The Bookish Box also included a cute pen/highlighter that I should have included here–but apparently that picture didn’t make the cut and I only just now realized it.  (Oops!)

But these little Matilda sticky notes are from them!

“All the reading she had done had given her a view of life that they had never seen.”  


I’ve only been subscribed for a little while, so I’m not sure how often they have sneak peeks in here like this, but this is a sneak peek for a book called The Call by Peadar O’Guilin!  I thought it was cool that they put this in there (though I admittedly have only read the covers so far . . . oops!)
The back says, “Sometime during her adolescence, the Sidhe will come for Nessa, as they come these days for everyone.  They will hunt her down, and if she fails to outrun them, Nessa will die.  Her twisted legs carry her out of her bedroom.  Her eyes are dry.  She says, “I’m going to live.  And nobody’s going to stop me.”  She believes every word of it.”



If you love this Throne of Glass watercolor bookmark from Lexy Olivia (and I think you should, because it’s beautiful!) you can get it from her shop right now if you’d like!
(She had a pretty Beauty and the Beast bookmark in last month’s box!)

This is a Kimmy Schmidt magnet from Jar of Buttons (this site will be up soon, as far as I can tell)!



Lastly–and, man, it feels like they packed so much into this box!–there is this Pride and Prejudice tea from First Edition Tea Co.!  I keep forgetting that I have it (but if you’ve seen my tea DRAWER that has overflowed into the cabinet and pantry,  I think you’d understand!) and have yet to taste it.  But I honestly can’t remember ever having a tea that I didn’t like and I seriously doubt that a citrus and roasted mate herbal tea will break that “rule” for me!  XD




Wow!  This box was so much fun!!



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