What a good year 2015 was!  Full of new and exciting things for me, and old but always wonderful things; life is always full of changes, but I welcome those and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

Here are some of the things I want to do in 2016; all related to reading, writing, or blog-ish things!  I’m going to take this blog seriously this year–not that I didn’t last year–and I might need some help.  Book suggestions are always welcome, encouraging comments, new followers….


I have a list of books TBR-in-2016 on Goodreads  and so far it only has 13 of those 50 books on it!  Of course I’ll be adding more–I have more in my to-read list–but if you have any suggestions, I’ll take ’em!

I’m so looking forward to reading oodles of pages, writing more, and posting here and on my other social media just about all the time!
My Instagram (theloquaciousbibliophile) is starting to grow at a rather encouraging rate!  Daily pictures of the books I’m reading, or quotes about books, or something book related!  Any advice on how to take some really good book pictures?

All of these things require having good time management!  Something I don’t really excel at…but should by the end of the year!
Will you help me keep these resolutions for, y’know, more than a week?
What are some of your resolutions and how can I help?

Happy New Year, dear followers!




P.S.  My super sweet friend Kayla and I (she writes the splendid blog Caught Between the Pages and is part of what inspired me to start this one!) are going to be hosting something pretty awesome on our blogs the 13th-17th of January!  If you like to binge-read….
More on this soon!  I’ve been posting about it on my social media already!