HalfwayThere!!Wow, guys!!!   I can’t believe that this year of NaNoWriMo is already halfway done!
I hit the 25K mark on Day 15–which was a bit of an accomplishment, as I had a little over 2,000 to write.  🙂

Even if you’re not at 25K, or if you’re already at the 50K–HOW DO PEOPLE DO THAT?!?!–you still have plenty of time and you should be proud of what you’ve managed to accomplish so far!  😀

I feel like I’m not halfway done with my story yet, though; I think I’ve been rambling a bit (quantity over quality)…but that’s fine, too!  And I would guess I’m not the only one with that problem…I’m a Pantser, too, so there’s that!  XD

I’m so excited to see where the remainder of the month will get me!  🙂