Between real life and writing like crazy for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been a bit busy lately!  It’s a wonderful thing, though; and NaNo has been going pretty well these past few days!  NaNoCountingDay10

There are still those times when it’s incredibly tough to write a few hundred words, and I’m still not sure how all of this is all going to fit together (Pantser, here!) but it’s being written slowly but surely!  🙂  My wordcount, not including the 500 words I’ve written so far today, is 15,204–not too shabby!  🙂

It’s fanfiction, as I believe I’ve said, and it’s been fun to experiment with different ages of a few beloved characters!  😀

It’s still been rather stressful, but today is day 10–the days go by an awful lot quicker than they feel like they do when you’re up until ridiculous hours of the morning, writing the few words that come to you just because you must write them!

How has NaNoWriMo been for you so far?  What are you most excited about?