Well, guys, the initial excitement of NaNoWriMo has dwindled away.  When you’re writing nearly 2,000 words a day, I suppose that doesn’t take long.

I’m definitely finding it more difficult this year than I did last year–but, then again, I’m much busier this year than I was last year.  I really need to make time for it throughout the day, though.  The 1,000 words I had left to write yesterday were awfully daunting; the only reason I wrote that many, I believe, is because I didn’t want to shuffle off the last half of them to the next day.

Day 3, I was up to par, which was 5,000 words–only just!  Again, I found it taxing to get to that number.
And, yesterday, Day 4, it was just shy of midnight before I had gotten to my stopping spot.  The par for yesterday was 6,667; I got to 6,644 and left myself with a good place to start today.

Like I mentioned before, those last 500 words or so were hard to crank out.  I made use of my stash of chocolate, though (mentioned in my Survival Kit to NaNoWriMo post), as a means to reward myself for each few hundred words or so.
I’m sure by now that everyone is familiar with the “JUST DO IT!”
video of Shia LaBeouf; I got a good laugh out of that last night–and there’s nothing like someone yelling in your ear to motivate you.  (I prefer more soft-spoken encouragement, but that’s mostly because if someone is yelling at me, I just want to punch them!  XD )

Also, I turned on some wonderful music that I recently discovered!  Again, Mannheim Steamroller, as mentioned in this post about music to listen to while writing; and, again, from one of the many Fresh Aire albums.  Two songs in particular stood out to me:  Escape from the Atmosphere, and Earthrise.  They’re both quirky songs, the former of which is over 10 minutes long, but they’re something to just switch it up a bit!  🙂

*Sigh*  All of this talk about writing and I’ve not really done any today…guess what I’m off to do?

Good luck, to all of you attempting NaNoWriMo this year!  If I can make it through the tough days, then you’ll have no problem doing the same!