4bestalbums…in my opinion, at least.

Background music is a very important thing for me when I’m writing; I don’t know that it necessarily influences my writing, but it does keep the rest of the real world at bay, allowing me to better immerse myself in the one I’ve created.  I do try to match the music I’m listening to to the type of scene I’m writing, or the genre, but that’s not always the case.
I plan on another list devoted to good Pandora stations to turn on while writing!  🙂

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my list!  Let me know what you like to listen to while you write and if this inspired you to check out any of these albums!  There are links provided here, too, that will take you to Youtube videos!

Anything Mannheim Steamroller…but specifically the Fresh Aire albums:
Learn more about Mannheim Steamroller by reading my blog post linked to above!
I have recently fallen in love with the Fresh Aire albums; they’re my go-to albums for when I need background music for anything.  It’s about the time of year where I could turn on their Halloween album, too, which is always a lovely thing!
I will confess that I’ve not listened to all of the Fresh Aire albums (there are eight of them), but there’s no real reason behind that.
Some of my favorite tracks from those albums are the Interlude tracks (ten in total); a handful of which feature elements of nature such as rain, a thing that I find very inspiring and relaxing.  Interlude I might be my favorite, but it’s so difficult to choose!
A few others are Amber, Mere Image, The Cricket, and Velvet Tear.
The sounds of the individual tracks can take a bit of a turn from one to the next, but the first four Fresh Aire albums are each inspired by one of the four seasons.  Some songs are much more upbeat than others and I adore them all for their individuality and unconventional “instruments”.

The Lord of the Rings Soundtracks:
Need I say any more?
I prefer the ones from the LOTR trilogy to The Hobbit (grr) trilogy.  The range of emotion in these songs (it is a soundtrack, after all) is wonderful and keeps things from getting boring.
These soundtracks are all completely beautiful and I don’t think they’ll ever get old!
Not only are the original recordings fantastic, there are some amazing covers out there!  I’m quite the fan of Peter Hollen’s Into The West cover, for example.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Beethoven’s Last Night:
This is the only album on this list featuring lyrics.
We all know that Beethoven went a little bit crazy, but TSO took that concept and turned it into an album!
Obviously a very intense subject and, as a result, the tracks of this album are the same way–some more than others.
One of my favorites is Misery!

Yanni’s In My Time:
If New Age-y piano songs are in any way your thing, I’d suggest checking out this album!
I used to listen to it to fall asleep to when I was little; at least a decade later, I’ve been known to listen to it every now and then when I’m writing.  Usually only if I don’t want anything specific on but still need the noise.
All of these songs have a similar vibe, and I enjoy all of them.  The one standing out to me at the moment is Until The Last Moment.