Favorite Words- Loquacious
[loh-kwey-shuh s] is a splendid adjective that I’ve found strangely fitting for myself.  I’m quiet…unless I’m not–get me talking on something I love and I will talk for hours!  And why use a boring word like “wordy” or “talkative” when you could say “loquacious”?  (Say it, I dare you
!)  Any word with a “q” in it is going to be fun!

For those of you who are interested in such things, its roots can be traced back to yet another mid-17th century Latin word loquax, which is from a Latin verb, loqui (“to talk”).

Related words include the rather obvious adverb loquaciously, and the nouns loquacity and loquaciousness.

There–it took me long enough to write a post about one of the words in the title of my blog!  XD