-Your Job Isn't to Find These Ideas....-

As a writer, quotes about writing are always interesting to me! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Here’s one I came across while reading Stephen King’s¬†On Writing¬†(it’s quite good, though I’m only 40-ish pages into it!).

“Let’s get one thing clear right now, shall we? ¬†There is no Idea Dump, no Story Central, no Island of the Buried Bestsellers; good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere, sailing at you right out of the empty sky: ¬†two previously unrelated ideas come together and make something new under the sun. ¬†Your job isn’t to find these ideas but to recognize them when they show up.”

–Stephen King
On Writing 

Keep this in mind for when you’re battling writer’s block or just seem to be in a bit of a funk. ¬†The ideas are there, though they can feel a few thousand miles away at times! ¬†Don’t stress about it–in fact, do things to take your mind off of your writing for a while. ¬†Ideas often show up when you least expect them to, so keep a pen and paper handy to jot them down before they’re forgotten.
Also, unless you’re sure that it’s complete rubbish, don’t throw away a hastily scrawled idea; even if it’s totally uninspiring the next minute, that doesn’t mean it will be the next time you glance at it.