Welcome to a new category of posts!  Names can be unique and wonderful and I want to highlight some of those here.  Beginning with…


Yes, it sounds pompous and way too fancy…but I rather adore this name!  (The kids that I babysit and I have a bit of a running joke with it; they’re not fond of it!  😀 )

– Maximilian –

Origin:  Latin

Meaning:  Greatest

(‘Cause, ya know, it didn’t sound all full of itself to begin with!)

I have read two books that feature Maximilians.  The first that I read was about Maximilian Morrel in The Count of Monte Cristo; he isn’t a main character, but his story seems to take up quite a few pages, if I remember right.  He is in love with a young woman named Valentine (I see what you did there, Dumas); theirs’ is basically a Romeo and Juliet type of story–but with a happier ending!  🙂

And then there’s Maximilian de Winter, from Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca.  He is a much more important character than Monsieur Morrel.  He is a forty-two year old widower who meets and (not soon after) marries the main character of the book (whose name we never learn).  I thought that Alfred Hitchcock’s representation of him in the movie was perfect; like he saw my mental picture as I read!  Maxim to his friends, and Max only to the mysterious Rebecca, he is very debonair, if a bit prone to temper tantrums.